Gaze of the Black Prince ends tomorrow!

This may be the last chance you have to get an edge on the Legendary Questline reputation buff known as the Gaze of the Black Prince.  The buff ends on 7/29/2014 after rolling realm restarts.


You have to admit, those cloaks look awesome!  The Gaze of the Black Prince reputation buff applies bonus reputation towards reaching various quest objectives with the Black Prince.  At the end of the questline, you’re awarded with lots of awesome items!

Check the tabs below for an overview on the quests!

[tabcontainer] [tabtext]Mists of Pandaria[/tabtext] [tabtext]Chapter II: Wrathion’s War[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent]

Stranger in a Strange Land

This quest begins when you receive a Mysterious Note, asking you to seek out the Black Prince in the Tavern in the Mists.  Rogues will receive a slightly different quest.

A Legend in the Making

Wrathion will offer your level 90 toon a drink and share what’s on his mind.  Although Wrathion has the fate of Azeroth in his sights, he feels his father (Deathwing) was “misguided”.  He states:

“A divided Azeroth cannot possibly stand against the darkness.  This was has to end.  Soon.  Before it consumes our strength.”

Wrathion will assure you he’s in full support of your faction.  At this point, you’ll have to equip yourself accordingly.  He’ll demand you prove yourself before going on to the next step.

Trial of the Black Prince

Now you get to go out into the world, meet fascinating new creatures, and then kill them!  By killing level-90 mantid and mogu, you’ll be earning reputation with Wrathion, which is required to open the next quest in the chain.

Rogues who have completed Fangs of the Father Legendary quest line won’t need to complete this quest.

The Strength of One’s Foes

Once Honored with Wrathion, you’ll return for your next task.  You’ll need to collect 10 Sigils of Power and 10 Sigils of Wisdom from enemies within Mogu’Shan Vaults, Terrace of Endless Spring, and Heart of Fear in the quest, The Strength of One’s Foes.

Fear Itself

Turn in the sigils and receive a new quest, Fear Itself.  You’ll be asked to kill the Sha of Fear in Terrace of Endless Spring and return to Wrathion with a Chimera of Fear.

Breath of the Black Prince

Once Wrathion has the Chimera of Fear in his possession, he asks you to meet him at Mason’s Folly to complete Breath of the Black Prince.  You can either walk the path next to the Black Market Auction House or hop on a flying mount and meet him there.  Wrathion will offer three proffered Legendary gems: Crystallized Dread, Crystallized Terror, and Crystallized Horror.  You’ll be able to choose one!  The gem you chose can be placed into a Sha-Touched weapon.  You all receive the Achievement for completing Chapter 1: Trial of the Black Prince.

The Measure of a Leader

In The Measure of a Leader, Wrathion will speak to you about Varian Wrynn (for Alliance players) or Garrosh Hellscream (for Horde players).  Since he is just full of hospitality, he’ll offer some food!  Eating it will provide a buff while Wrathion tells you more about the leader in question.

The Prince’s Pursuit – A Test of Valor

What seems to be the 100th time, Wrathion once again sends you out into the wild.  This time, however, you’ll be working toward Revered reputation by slaying members of the opposite faction in Krasarang Wilds.  He’ll also push “A Test of Valor” on you, which will grant an Achievement once you earn 6,000 Valor.


Check back tomorrow for the second half of the Legendary Quest Line guide!