Is there something seriously wrong with World of Warcraft?

With all of the arguments on the World of Warcraft forums, you’d think the game is losing steam.  Warcraft Daily takes a close look at some of the arguments that have cropped up on the forums, with our own opinion on things.

Flying Mounts and Flying in General

Perhaps the longest running argument so far.  On one side of the argument, players are applauding Blizzard for removing flying in Warlords of Draenor.  On the other side, players are angry that Blizzard is taking away something that was worked on for so long, causing players to lose all of the gold they spent on training the flight skills.  Both sides have valid points, but are fundamentally flawed. However, a third group wants flying removed permanently.

Is flight going away completely?

The answer to this is no.  Flying is not going away completely.  The mechanic behind this would be something similar to Mists of Pandaria.  In order to fly in Pandaria, players have to be level 90 and train Wisdom of the Four Winds. Another possibility would be the “Timeless Isle Effect” which prevents certain abilities from being used based on the player’s progression through the new zone. The latter idea would put the phasing system to great use and would be a technological leap forward for World of Warcraft.

Removal of Guild Perks

Let me start by saying, guild perks are not going away completely! Blizzard has plans to roll the existing guild perks into the base guild package. Certain perks are more complicated than others, such as Ride Like the Wind or Cash Flow.

One possibility for Ride Like the Wind would be to increase taxi speed in general for all guilds. Another possibility would be to grant the ability based on achievement completion. There are so many possibilities, its impossible to list them all.

At this point in time, its hard to say what will happen to the max level guilds. Will they keep their existing perks? Will all guilds be equal? Only time will tell. One thing that is certain, is that the guild progression system definitely affected the social aspect of World of Warcraft. Players are completely ignoring low level guilds and prefer the max level guilds only to get the perks.

Warlords of Draenor introduced a new type of system called Perks. Starting at level 91, players will start earning the perks. Whether this has something to do with guilds or not is still being determined. See WoD Wowhead for more information on the perks currently available in Patch 6.0.0.

Appearance Changes

Ah, perhaps the best argument of all time. Warlords of Draenor introduces new character models for the Classic races such as Human, Night Elf, Undead, Tauren, etc. The dispute on the forums currently is the fact that Cataclysm races and Pandarans won’t get the updated look at launch. This is still under heavy development. We’ll have more on this as details are released by Blizzard.