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Posted by Andy on Aug 24, 2014 Issues 8/24/2014 [Confirmed DDoS Attack] Issues 8/24/2014 [Confirmed DDoS Attack]

Blizzard is continuing to experience issues after yesterday’s supposed DDoS attack.  Why “supposed”?  Read on for more information.

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UPDATE 10:27 PM Eastern: Blizzard Support Forum Agent Vrakthris confirmed it is a DDoS Attack:

Vrakthris - (source)

Hey folks, It looks like our initial investigation is confirming that it does appear we were impacted by a DDOS attack, though our systems are stabilizing now. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and take further action as needed.


UPDATE 10:04 PM Eastern: Blizzard reports the services appear to be stabilizing at this time:



UPDATE 9:51 PM Eastern: American Airlines Flight 362 was diverted due to DDoS attack: (Bags being checked at airport)


On 8/23/2014, a Tweet was released from the hacker group “Lizard Squad” stating the following:

After a few hours of redirecting traffic, it appeared Blizzard had things under control.

On 8/24/2014, as of 9:07 PM Eastern (6:07PM Pacific), issues resumed.  Although there is no word as of yet from Lizard Squad, Blizzard released the following statement:

In addition, news has been surfacing within the past few minutes the FBI is now investigating the DDoS attack.  So, it is confirmed!  There is a DDoS attack in progress, and the FBI is investigating.

Please see for information on the investigation.

Updates to follow.

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