Saturday , September 18 2021

Bastion Storyline: An Opinion

After choosing to experience the storyline of Shadowlands, here’s an opinion on what was done really well, what could’ve been better, and what hit pretty close to home.

Bastion is a very interesting zone for sure.  It is full of intrigue, mystery, and disappointment.  I’m going to focus on each point separately.


Bastion is rather intriguing.  Without spoiling too much of the story, here’s a quick outline:

  • You start by speaking to an Aspirant named Kleia
  • She is rather surprised at your sudden arrival and asks you to follow her
  • You explain what you saw in The Maw
  • She wants an audience with the Archon, who is the ruler of Bastion
  • You meet various other residents of Bastion, the most visible of which are the Ascended (the ones with wings)
  • As you continue questing, you realize something is very wrong
  • The Aspirants are forced to forget their former lives in order to Ascend and earn their wings
  • Some other force attacks and it’s up to you to defend Bastion
  • You discover the source of the attacks and head off to stop them once and for all


Bastion is full of mystery.  I found myself wondering what was going to happen next, as well as what was currently happening.  I asked myself why something was happening.

For example: What was the purpose of the Aspirant’s training, specifically the reliving of previous memories?

Although most questions were answered through the questing, some were left unanswered before I was quickly ferried off to another zone.  What is the relationship between Kleia and Pelegos?  What secrets are the denizens of Bastion keeping from us?  What is their ultimate goal?

Through the Bastion animated short, we’ve learned Uther was sent to Bastion.  He quickly earned his wings, but they were somehow – different.  Instead of being white, his wings were dark.  Instead of being noble, he had an ulterior motive.  Uther wanted to bring Arthas to justice.  His mentor quickly taught him the ways of the Ascended, but he was corrupted with anger.  He became one of the Mawsworn – the dark-winged beings we saw in The Maw.  He, with the assistance of his mentor, cast Arthas into The Maw.

One further question remains unanswered.  Will we meet Arthas again?

A Bit too Close to Home

For some, Bastion may be the zone that ends their World of Warcraft careers.   For starters, Blizzard included the first transgender character.  Although some may argue said character isn’t really transgender, I see it that way.

Next, it appears the Aspirants are actually abused in order to make them forget their previous existences.

Finally, the Aspirants are forced to relive their most unpleasant memories.

How each player interprets the zone is up to them.


I thoroughly enjoyed Bastion.  Although it did hit close to home for me, it did so in a positive manner.  I was able to overlook the abuse and implied torture, and just focused on the story.  It’s a very well done zone and should be taken at face value.