Saturday , October 16 2021

Battle for Azeroth: 12 Hours Until Launch

With just 12 hours until launch of Battle for Azeroth, this article will help you survive the initial onslaught of players you’re bound to encounter.

The Battle Begins

Are you excited?  We certainly are!  The time is almost here for the beginning of Kul’Tiras, Zandalar, and the other areas of Battle for Azeroth!  There are just 12 more hours until launch, and I’m sure you’re ready to jump right in and experience everything Battle for Azeroth has to offer.  Before you do, here’s a bit of information to help make your initial days just a bit easier.

Common Courtesy

We all have rather large mounts that we ride everywhere.  Those mammoths and yaks are just awesome!  However, please think of your fellow players.  When around quest givers, use common courtesy and dismount.  Although Blizzard may add dismount areas around the major quest givers, it’s still common courtesy to dismount to make things easier for your fellow adventurers.

The Lag!

Yes, there will be lag.  With thousands of players in a single area, there will be hiccups, glitches, and other issues.  All of those players in one area will cause even the most powerful of computers to slow to a crawl.  There will be more players with War Mode activated than not, so if you’re one of the players who loves PvP content, maybe consider disabling War Mode if your computer is close to the minimum requirements for the game.

The Disconnections!

It’s entirely possible you will be disconnected while adventuring.  This expansion is one of the most hyped expansions Blizzard has ever released.  There will be millions of players connecting from all over the globe.  Although Blizzard has fortified their infrastructure with failsafes and fail-overs, it’s entirely possible you could be getting disconnected because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is having issues keeping up with all the traffic.  This would be especially true in high population centers (major cities) where a lot of users might be on the Internet Provider.

If you do get disconnected, restarting your modem and router might help you get a better route.  Most home routers only get updated routing information when they are restarted.  Try that first before contacting your internet provider.  Only contact Blizzard as a last resort, as ticket times are bound to skyrocket in the first week or so.

What Next?

Simply put, have fun!  We’ll be posting more as we get closer to launch.  Now, we’re going to get some sleep before we start covering the launch of Battle for Azeroth.