Legion Beta Starts Now!

After a long Alpha test period, Legion Beta is ready for the masses!

Legion Beta

Blizzard has started to invite players who have opted-in to beta tests, press sites, fansites, and friends and family!  Over the course of several months, there will be continued invite waves.  If you are interested in testing Legion beta, make sure you have opted-in!  Keep in mind, however, this is a Beta.  Things will be broken/non-functional, and the beta realms may be down with little to no notice.

"The Legion beta test includes the new Demon Hunter class, the starting experience for the Broken Isles, the new level-up and max-level zones, the new Artifact system, and much more. Beta testers will be able to create characters using level 100 templates, so they’ll be primed and ready to explore the newest content. Be sure to check out the beta patch notes for more details on what to expect.

There’s no NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for the Legion beta test, so those invited to play are free to discuss their experiences as well as take screenshots, share videos, and stream game content. Please keep in mind that the expansion is still in development—we’ll be making changes to the game as the beta evolves, and what you’ll see during the beta test is not necessarily representative of the final game."

  • Blizzard Entertainment

Of course you'll want to know when you've been invited!  Here's a handy guide for you!

Getting Started

  1. Make sure you are opted-in to the beta (http://us.battle.net/account/management/beta-profile.html).
  2. Check your email for a beta invite (but be sure it is legit!).  Check your Account Management page to ensure the Beta is attached to your account.
  3. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date
  4. Run the Battle.net Desktop App as it may need to be updated if you haven't run it for a while.
  5. Choose World of Warcraft, followed by the drop-down box above the Play button.  You'll see Beta: Legion listed under In Development.
  6. Allow the installation to complete, then click Play!

Provide Good Feedback

Beta is not intended to be "early access" or a "trial".  Instead, Blizzard is looking for feedback on the beta so bugs and other feedback can be fixed/implemented when Legion is released in August.  Here's how you can provide feedback:

  1. To report a bug or offer a suggestion, use the in-game bug report feature by pressing the Escape key > Help > Submit Bug or Submit Suggestion.
  2. For crashes, use the crash reporter tool that opens if the game would crash during gameplay.
  3. For wrong version errors, simply uninstall the client and reinstall.

You can also provide feedback at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/.


Have you been invited to the beta?  What do you think?  We'd love to hear of your thoughts in the comments below!