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[Closed] Welcome to General Discussion!  


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23/04/2018 11:27 am  

Hello and welcome to the General Discussion forum!  This is a place where you can discuss World of Warcraft with your fellow players.  Although Warcraft Daily is a fun place to hang out with your gaming friends, we do ask that you keep the following rules in mind while posting here:

  • No Spamming
    • Please do not post the same message over and over again, or post the same topic more than once.
  • No Advertising
    • This isn't the place to advertise your own site.  Guild ads are allowed in the appropriate forum.
  • Do not post information about illegal sites, private servers, or anything that violates any Copyright laws
    • This includes gold selling sites or links to sites talking about exploits.
  • Do not harass other posters
    • Everyone has a right to their own opinion.  Intentionally posting harassing content is counterproductive and only serves as fuel for flame wars.
  • Use the search option
    • The topic you are posting about may have been discussed previously.  Use the search option to look for an appropriate thread and join that one.  However, please keep the next rule in mind as you do so.
  • Do not resurrect old topics
    • If a topic has gone for more than a month with no replies, it would be best to start a new topic instead of continuing the discussion.  The reason for this is because content in World of Warcraft changes so often, so the existing discussion may no longer be relevant.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us!  If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this thread!



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