Saturday , October 16 2021

Known Issues: Updated August 26, 2018

Here is a listing of all known issues that are currently affecting Battle for Azeroth.

This post will be updated with the latest information available for these known issues.

Last Update: August 26, 2018

Can’t start quest “A Choice of Allies”

Not a Bug:  This quest will only appear once you have met the requirements for unlocking an Allied Race.

Dune Scavenger mount is disappearing from inventory

Hotfixed:  Upon using the Captured Dune Scavenger item, players will receive the Dune Scavenger mount.  It will no longer disappear from a player’s inventory.

Seeing “Cannot Use This Ability While Pacified”

Known Issue:  While doing the quest “Prison Break”, players can get stuck in this state.  Here are some workarounds that have resolved the issue thus far:

  1. Enter a Pet Battle or Arena Skirmish.  You do not need to stay in the Pet Battle or Skirmish, as entering and then leaving should clear the Pacified state.
  2. Reset your User Interface by renaming the Cache, WTF, and Interface folders to Cache.old, WTF.old, and Interface.old.
  3. Run the Repair Tool to check for corrupted files.

Ritualistic Preparations ore disappears

Hotfixed:  Some players may see Unsanctified Storm Silver disappear from their inventory.  As a workaround, make sure there is a stack of exactly 20 in the bags when attempting to turn the quest in.