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Proud defenders of Azeroth, The Burning Legion is here!  Prepare for battle!

World of Warcraft: Legion has officially launched!  At Midnight Pacific Time, the latest expansion for World of Warcraft activated.  You can now level your characters to 110 and fight the Burning Legion!  While there is no maintenance scheduled for today, there are a few things to keep in mind as you quest through the Broken Isles:

  1. The release of an expansion means new players will be joining the game, as well as returning players.  Because of this, you may encounter a login queue to ensure the stability of the servers.  Please be patient!
  2. Be mindful of the new players joining World of Warcraft for the first time.  They will almost certainly have lots of questions.  Be a community and help them out!
  3. Scams, gold sellers, and others are out in full force!  If you encounter someone attempting to scam, sell gold, or other activities prohibited by the Terms of Use, make sure you report them using the in-game report tool.  You can also report botting or other automation to the Hacks Team directly by emailing
  4. The World (of Warcraft) is large and expansive.  If there are a lot of other players waiting for something, go and do something else while you're waiting.  If you're like us, you'd want to be one of the first ones to quest in the Broken Isles.  Remember:  Patience is a virtue!
  5. Don't give in to harassing messages.  As much as you'd like to tell the other person off, remember that mutual conversation can lead to both accounts have an account action applied.  The best thing to do is reportignore, and move on!

In the coming days, we will host a live blog right here on Warcraft Daily!  Come quest with us!  Look for us on Muradin and Nordrassil in the guild Ancient Defenders.

See you out there!

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