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World of Warcraft: What’s Next

This post will be continually updated throughout the panel!

3:32 PM – Ion talks about a steady stream of content to keep things interesting and varied.  The “Dot 5” patches will continue throughout BfA.

3:33 PM – Focus is on systems and rewards.

3:34 PM – Updates to the exterior of Darkshore.  New Island Expeditions.  Talked about Warfronts.

3:35 PM – Raid: Battle of Dazar’Alor.  Horde and Alliance will have difference experiences, bosses, and lore throughout the raid

3:36 PM – Heritage Armor for non-Allied Races

3:37 PM – Azerite Armor improvements, Emissary Reward improvements, certain things requiring reputation to unlock will be available on alts that did not earn the reputation

3:39 PM – Tides of Vengeance will be released December 11, 2018

3:40 PM – New raid will be released early 2019

3:41 PM – Presented Cinematic “Terror of Darkshore”

3:44 PM – 8.1.5 Introduces two new Allied Races: Alliance – Kul’Tiran Humans, Horde – Zandalari Trolls

3:45 PM – Zandalari Trolls are able to be Paladins

3:46 PM – Kul’Tiran Humans – New Human culture.  Human Druids and Shaman.

3:47 PM – A Question Mark!  What should the mount be for a Human race?  Horses!

3:48 PM – Darkmoon Faire: A new rollercoaster for 8.1.5.

3:49 PM – Updates to Children’s Week – New questlines for Kul’Tiran Humans and Zandalari Trolls

3:49 PM – Wanderer’s Festival, Diving, and T-Shirts?  New micro-holidays

3:50 PM – Timewalking Dungeons for Warlords of Draenor, and two mount rewards

3:50 PM – Portal Rooms: Orgrimmar and Stormwind to most locations in 8.1.5

3:50 PM – The Portal Rooms can be expanded and is designed to be expanded.

3:51 PM – Crafters: New questlines for each and every crafting profession.  The rewards?  Tools of the Trade.

3:51 PM – Brawler’s Guild will be returning in 8.1.5

3:52 PM – New questline for Brawler’s Guild – You’ll be charged with solving a murder mystery.  Rewards?  Shirts!

3:53 PM – Bruce the Mount!

3:53 PM – Battlegrounds ; Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin: Remastered

3:53 PM – Shown a preview of the remastered Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin

3:55 PM – Shown a video of a group of players playing against AI bots in the new Arathi Comp Stomp Brawl

3:56 PM – 8.2.5 Updates?  Can’t talk about it yet.  But new character models for both Goblin and Worgen!

3:58 PM – Introduced Jeremy Feasel

3:59 PM – Dazar’Alor, following the raid – A lot has been lost.  At this moment of weakness, the Naga make their assault.

4:00 PM – Naga drag people under the water.  What’s going on under the sea?  Taking a few of their remaining ships.  Horde and Alliance set sail for the great blue beyond.  Found a crack in the ocean with waterfalls, a very old land.  We’re going to Nazjatar.

4:00 PM – Patch 8.2 – Rise of Azshara

4:01 PM – Facing Queen Azshara in combat

4:01 PM – New story quests in 8.2.  New friends.  Horde, a former group of Naga slaves.  Giblin, Nakura, and Sea Giants.

4:02 PM – Replayable content.  Over the course of playing through Najatar, new outdoor replayable content.

4:02 PM – Rewards: Naga-themed weapons and mounts.

4:03 PM – The crab mount walks sideways!

4:03 PM – New Battlepets.  A cute thingy wielding a tiny fork!

4:03 PM – Raid: Azshara’s Eternal Palace – 8 bosses, Naga Hatchery, Underwater Boss?, Queen Azshara herself

4:04 PM – Shown a video of Najatar

4:05 PM – A Gnome has been trying to figure out rusted technology at a vault.  You find a radio signal the likes of no one has ever seen.  A new Gnome and Goblin adventure.

4:06 PM – We’re going to Mechagon, the ancient lost city of the Gnomes.  It’s not a happy place.

4:07 PM – Meeting a group of Mechagnomes.

4:08 PM – There is a society inside of another vault.  We’ll be meeting a new group of robot enemies.

4:09 PM – New Dungeon.  Actually, a Megadungeon.  Think of Karazhan.  8 bosses, King Mechagon as final boss, Mythic only (for now).

4:10 PM – Showing a video of Mechagon.

4:11 PM – Continuing to tell the story of Sylvanas, Saurfang, Jaina, and Anduin.  Checking back with Magni.

4:12 PM – New Heritage Armor in Rise of Azshara: Tauren and Gnomes.

4:12 PM – Engineers get goggles you can put up on your forehead

4:13 PM – New Island Expeditions in Tides of Vengeance and Rise of Azshara

4:13 PM – Where is Crestfall?  Heading back there to find out what happened during the fight.  Also, Snowblossom from Mists of Pandaria.

4:14 PM – Shown a video of the new islands.

4:15 PM – New advancement for Warfronts.  Heroic Warfronts.  10+ players that players can invite others to.

4:16 PM – PvP Arena: Mechagon Arena

4:16 PM – Flying is coming back!  A Bee, Gryphon, and mecha-parrot.

4:16 PM – New PvP Season.

4:17 PM – Quick Recap from Jeremy about 8.1, 8.1.5, and 8.2.

4:17 PM – When’s it coming?  After 8.1.5.

4:17 PM – The end of the panel?  Jeremy closed the panel and introduces the WoW: Q&A tomorrow at 3:30 PM Pacific Time.


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