Saturday , October 16 2021

Shadowlands Pre-patch: Part One

The Shadowlands pre-patch has been out for a week at this point.  We here at Warcraft Daily have compiled a list of what was done good, and what could’ve gone better.

As with any expansion launch, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has released the systems changes that go along with the core expansion.  These include a level squish; the first time in WoW history this has ever happened.  Many players, old and new alike, are a bit confused about what is actually happening.  The forums are full of bug reports and those bugs are quickly being addressed.

Why so many bugs?  As you may or may not be aware, Warcraft Daily is owned by Mistflux Games, a game developer.  While every developer strives to have a smooth launch experience, sometimes it isn’t possible, no matter how extensive the testing.  For a game as large as WoW, bugs that weren’t visible during testing will become visible when deployed to a production environment.  We have extremely long and detailed testing cycles, and even that isn’t enough to account for every possibility.

So, with that said, on to the recap!

New Player Experience

The New Player Experience (NPE) released with the Shadowlands pre-expansion patch is designed to acclimate new players to World of Warcraft.  It teaches players how to use their chosen class, and follows a group of explorers as they sail the seas.  The weather is against them, however, as they find themselves shipwrecked upon Exile’s Reach.  New players will be able to reach level 10 by questing through Exile’s Reach, upon which time they will be transported to either Stormwind or Orgrimmar, depending on the faction.

Players who would like to create a new character can choose to start either in their race’s starting area, or Exile’s Reach.  There must be a level 50 character already on the account, however.

Our Thoughts: Exile’s Reach is a great way to teach new players how to play World of Warcraft.  While it doesn’t teach them everything, it is a good starting point.  We’ve found ourselves leveling new characters through Exile’s Reach just to learn how to play other classes.  In short, Exile’s Reach and the NPE was a fantastic addition.

WoW Companion App

The WoW Companion App has also been updated with the Shadowlands pre-expansion patch.  While retaining much of the functionality of the previous incarnation, the app now allows players to complete missions from both Battle for Azeroth and Legion, as well as view Callings from Shadowlands covenants.

Timewalking Campaigns

Players who have already experienced Battle for Azeroth can choose to level a new character through any expansion they wish.  Content is scaled to the player’s level, and allows the player to experience the expansion’s content as it was originally intended upon that expansion’s launch.

Players can also choose to explore any other expansion by changing their selection at any time by visiting Chromie outside the Embassies in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.