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Warcraft Daily - An Update -


What lies on the horizon for Warcraft Daily?  We've got some exciting news for you!

When this little blog started in 2014, the primary goal was to provide news and information for all Blizzard games.  We'd cover the World Championship Series, host live streams, provide live blogging, and report on everything Blizzard related.  In late 2015, that changed.

One day in November, we were contacted by another company interested in purchasing some rights to Warcraft Daily.  As a small operation, we didn't know how to respond.  We asked questions (of course) and ultimately a deal was reached.  In exchange for providing us with hosting, a PR contact, and support, we'd provide them with the rights to Warcraft Daily.  The founders of Warcraft Daily are still around and dedicated to providing the best in World of Warcraft news and information.  On the plus side, we now have access to seasoned web development professionals!  So, here's a look at what's to come!

Summer 2016:

  • Complete the change over from WordPress to a proprietary content management system
  • Integrate Chronoverse login functionality (entirely optional)

Fall 2016:

  • Release Warcraft Daily Database (WDDB) - A comprehensive database for everything WoW
  • Release the Warcraft Daily app for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile/10
  • Migrate the website to more powerful hardware

In addition, we are currently in talks with Blizzard PR for Press applications to BlizzCon!  Please send warm thoughts our way as our application is considered.  So, what about Legion coverage?  Due to situations beyond anyone's control, it appears our beta access kind of fell through the cracks.  The PR representative we were speaking to has no idea what happened.  In fact, he even relayed to me that none of the accounts sent over for beta access were flagged.  Right now it's just a waiting game.  We will have access to beta, that's a given.  When?  Not sure.  We're waiting on a response to our latest email.

Thank you so much for sticking with us through this period.  We do have some exciting things in store, and we can't wait to show you!

Side Note: Some of our older posts cannot be reached using the existing links in Facebook, Twitter, or even search engines.  Please search for the posts on our site to obtain updated links.  The new links sent out to social media will work from this point forward!

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