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Meet Squirky!


There is a secretive tribe of Murlocs off the coast of Azuna.  They are of the Squigglefin Tribe.  Some brave adventurers have successfully domesticated these young Murlocs, and have affectionately named them "Squirkies".  No one knows if it's actually possible to domesticate them, but maybe you should find out for yourself!

The plush stands 7 inches high and is made of soft and cuddly polyester.  Get your Squirky today!

Squirky Battle Pet

Squirky makes a great addition to your Battle Pet lineup as well!  While the members of the Squigglefin Tribe won't appreciate you showing up on their island, and definitely won't let you leave without a few bruises, you might be lucky enough to find Squirky among the tribe!  Get Squirky ready for battle and blow the competition out of the water!


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