Plans and Promises: What’s the difference?

Are plans the same as promises?  The answer might surprise some of you!


We've all heard the phrase "Blizz better deliver on their promises" when talking about features in an Expansion Set.  When looking at announcement trailers, developer interviews, and blue posts on the forums, is the word "promise" mentioned anywhere?  The answer to that is NO!

What we're looking at is an announcement trailer for a new expansion.  It shows a brief glimpse on the planned features of said expansion.  After the announcement played, there was a presentation showcasing the planned features of the expansion.  The video is below.  As you watch it, ask yourself a simple question: Is the word "promise" mentioned anywhere in the video?  For that matter, is the word "guarantee", "feature will be in", or anything similar ever mentioned?  Leave your comments down below.

So, you might be asking yourself "what's the big deal?  If a developer talked about it, its a promise!".  No, it isn't.  That method of thinking couldn't be more wrong.  If a developer talks about it, that means the feature is far enough along the development cycle to bring it up.  Does that mean its absolutely going to be in the game?  NO!  Does that mean the developer lied about the feature?  NO!  Does it mean the company doesn't care?  NO!

This next part is aimed at those forum goers who frequent the General Discussion forum.  We usually don't target anyone one group in particular, but this has to be said.  Stop taking plans as promises!  If a developer said "I promise every race can be a Demon Hunter." and didn't deliver or that, then rage away!  However, if a developer said "We have plans to eventually allow every race to be a Demon Hunter, but its restricted to Night Elves and Blood Elves at the moment.", then you don't have any right to be mad or go on a rage spree.  The first statement IS a promise, the second statement is a PLAN.

Please, do everyone a favor and think before you post.  Stop using the word PROMISE where no promises have ever been made.  Not only will it improve your own quality of life, but also for those around you.  In addition, taking every little thing as a promise just sets you up for a huge disappointment later.


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