Important Warcraft Daily Announcement

Wondered why there is a lack of new content?  We have some exciting news for you!

Press Release
January 29th, 2016

Warcraft Daily is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Mistflux Entertainment.  With this new partnership, Warcraft Daily will have access to a wide variety of tools designed to bring you the best World of Warcraft content there is.  While certain details are still being kept under wraps for the time being, here's what we can share:

About Mistflux Entertainment

Mistflux Entertainment is a game development company based in southwest Pennsylvania.  Their primary focus is on 2.5D adventure/platform games for Windows, Windows 10, and Xbox One.  Mistflux is a rather new company with an alpha release of their first project due by the end the February.  Also in the works is a World of Warcraft item and gear calculator and a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (MMOFPS).

Mistflux also has a very robust content team who will be assisting Warcraft Daily deliver top-notch content within hours, if not minutes, of important World of Warcraft news.  Mistflux has a proprietary live-blogging platform that can be utilized during eSports competitions.  The company is also bringing its forum, live chat, and collaboration platforms to Warcraft Daily.  Look for these changes within the next month or so.  More details will be provided when they are available.

Warcraft Daily will still be managed by the same people, only we now have the tools and resources to bring you, our valued readers, the absolute best in World of Warcraft content.  This is an extremely exciting time for all of us here!  Stay tuned to our website, Twitter feed, and Facebook page!